Erin Tolbert, RN, FNP-C

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As a family nurse practitioner, I have completed the nurse practitioner program application process and found the number of nurse practitioner schools, entry options into nurse practitioner programs and availability of online vs. campus based programs to be very overwhelming. With the recent implementation of the DNP degree, the number of options for prospective nurse practitioner students has increased creating even more paths to obtaining a nurse practitioner degree.

At MidlevelU, we hope to assist you in your search for nurse practitioner programs and aim to make this an exciting and efficient process. The goal of the 2012 Guide to Nurse Practitioner Programs is to help you as a prospective nurse practitioner student quickly and easily compare nurse practitioner schools to find the program that is best for you. The guide contains information on over 200 different nurse practitioner programs outlining the specialties offered by each school, the basic admission requirements of each program and information about the programs themselves. With the information provided in the 2012 Guide to Nurse Practitioner Programs, you will be able to quickly narrow down your search to a few schools of interest simplifying the research and application process.